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I just wanted to say how happy Emilie is at your property. It is very clean and comfortable. I am very relieved to see that she is settled.

- Mum of Emilie A @ Harcourt Road Crookesmoor

Conduit Road Christmas Card

Can I also say thanks to yourself and Suzanne who have both been great over the year and made our stay in Crookes so comfortable and hassle-free

- Robin Williams (!) in Crookes

Conduit Road Christmas Card (page 2)

Conduit Road Christmas Card (reverse)

Hi Roger. Just thought I'd send a belated thank you! The house was absolutely spotless when we moved in, it's made settling in really easy.

- Tom O'B @ Springvale Road Crookes

Dear Roger, we would just like to say thank you so much for all you have done for us over the last 5 years. You have been a fantastic landlord and we have loved living in your properties

- Jess & Joanne @ Longfield Road apartments

It will be a shame to leave you as a landlord, it's been a good few years! All the best

- Charlie H @ Whitham Road Broomhill

Hi Roger, hope you are well. I was just wondering if you have any houses for 6 at all for next year? I don't think I can live with standards below yours any more!

- Kristen B @ Springvale Road

It was a pleasure being able to stay in Apartment 7 for three wonderful years

- Dyfrig D in Crookes

I just wanted to let you know that the move in went smoothly, we're all so pleased with the house, I think we're going to be very happy here

- Natalie H @ Conduit Road

Thank you for sorting us out with the perfect flat yesterday! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from us and now we can get back to working hard at Uni

- Sarah G @ Longfield Road

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years at Bute Street. Everything was of the highest standard. I couldn't have asked for a better service or accommodation. Thank you :)

- Jessica B @ Bute Street

It was a pleasure to be your tenants. The property was a delight to live in and it's such a shame that we can't continue for another year, but we have to leave Sheffield!

- Brad H @ Ecclesall

Thought everything was perfect for student accommodation. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

- Emma @ in Broomhill

Have loved living in that house for so many years. Miss it already! Thanks for being wonderful landlords!

- Jenny B in Whitham Road

Thanks again for being so easy to work with over the last 3 years, it was lovely to know that any problems we had we could just ring up with no hesitation, and the houses have really felt like a home from home.

- Sarina S @ Springvale Road in Crookes

Sam and I would very much like to continue living at Apartment 6 next year. We very much enjoy this excellent accommodation and believe it to be the best in Sheffield.

- Ross R @ Longfield Road apartments in Crookes

The place is lovely and much much better than my last house so thank you very much:)

- Alison C in Crookes

We are absolutely delighted with the house, everyone has moved in now and it feels like home!

- Anna S @ Conduit Road

I see what you mean by efficient!

- Ben J @ Longfield Road

We are all so excited no. 151 is our dream house we can't believe how lucky we are to have found such a nice one!

- Ella B on taking a tenancy of Charlie's House (above)

I have realised that I never sent you an email thanking you for being such a great landlord during my 2nd year!! I was so impressed with the high standard of Conduit Road and how quickly any minor repairs were completed. Thanks again for your professionalism yet friendly manner!!

- Hannah E @ Conduit Road

Just replying to let you know we appreciate the upgrades! This is an added bonus as I already love the house.

- Dave E in Broomhill

We both would like to say many thanks for having us as your tenants, we really enjoyed our time in the flat and find ourselves a little jealous of the new people living there now!

- Rick & Sian at Longfield Road

Thank you again for a great house during my final year, you rarely come across student houses which are that well looked after.

- Uta K at Warwick Terrace Crookesmoor

I have very much enjoyed living at the house on Conduit Road and here at Longfield Road, and am very grateful to yourself and the team for the excellent standard and upkeeping of the properties. I will look back at my time here with fond memories!

- Alex D at Conduit Road then Longfield Road

Many thanks for being a fantastic landlord.

- Louise E @ Springvale Road

Thank you very much for the last three years, the service was extremely fair and supportive and any problems we had were always dealt with very efficiently.

- Felicity K in Broomhill

This makes a hell of a change from our old landlord!

- Lucy R in Crookes

Thank you for having us (some of us for longer than others)! You have been a very reliable landlord and thankfully far better than the others I have experienced in Sheffield.

- Sarah H in Broomhill

Thank you for being such a brilliant landlord. Both yourself and Suzanne have been extremely helpul and professional during out time at Springvale and it has been a pleasure to be one of your tenants.

- Alex B in Crookes

Thank you for having us for the last 3 years. Very best wishes.

- Sarah, Jen, Helen, Catherine and Charlie in Broomhill

Looking forward to coming back to start our final year and meeting prospective new tenants for our house for next year! Do pass on my details if anyone wants to come and have a look, we’ve loved living in this house so would be very pleased to show people around.

- Rebecca T @ Springvale Road

I can’t think of any improvements that could be made in the house, the service was always very friendly and supportive, and any problems we had were always addressed quickly – thank you!

- Mary F @ Whitham Road

Thank you for sending over Michael and Owen, they were very helpful and have sorted everthing. The house is so lovely and we couldn't be happier"

- Rhiannon P @ Mulehouse Road

We would love to stay at Bute Street next year, we're all very happy here

- Kate H in Crookes

Everything’s fine, very nice and clean. Overall I’m very pleased with our choice!

- Debbie H @ Mulehouse Road Crookes

I am happy to have you as a landlord in my first time living abroad. I feel that you tend to our needs in a prompt manner, and this is a very nice experience that I will share with my friends who may come to England to study.

- Annisa R (from Indonesia) in Crookesmoor

Just a quick email from Mulehouse Road to say thank you for doing the locks today and for all the thorough upkeeping of the house.

- Debbie H @ Mulehouse Road

The most organised landlord/tenant relationship I have had since starting University in Sheffield. Thank you!

- James S @ Apartment 8 Longfield Road

Thank you for being a brilliant landlord, we've loved the flat, it's been great

- Kim R in Crookes

Thanks for getting someone to come round so fast

- Sabrina D @ Harcourt Road Crookesmoor

I would like to thank you both for everything that you did for us at Harcourt Road, it is a lovely house and we very much enjoyed living there

- Hayley P from Harcourt Road

Christmas eCard : Merry Christmas from all at Beech Hill Road. Thanks for all your help this year. Great Landlord! See you in the New Year

- Rhiannon S @ Beech Hill Road Broomhill

The house and service was excellent and I would recommend highly to future students

- Rebecca W @ Springvale Road Crookes

This is Elewys from Conduit Road. How are you? I am absolutely loving this house!

- Elewys L @ Conduit Road Crookesmoor

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and Suzanne for being wonderful landlords. I have really enjoyed living in Onslow Road, and will recommend Swots to anyone looking for accommodation.

- Samara N @ Ecclesall Road

Many thanks Suzanne, we really loved living in no. 169

- Alice P from Whitham Road Broomhill

Thanks again for being a wonderful landlord, no. 208 will definitely be missed.

- Abbey C @ School Road Crookesmoor

Thank you, you provided an excellent service and we loved the year we were there!

- Joanna B @ School Road